Why Spoodles

How delightful is a spoodle???
What an alert, active, funny, playful, affectionate little dog it is
water loving, inquisitive,
gentle, small, easily carried,
soft silky coat that rarely sheds hair
large appealing eyes
a loving affectionate temperament, social and outgoing
completely without aggression
and just as cute as can be!
A spoodle will very quickly ensure its place of importance within the family

Spoodles seem to have the attributes many families are seeking in a puppy

  • a manageable size
  • sound and healthy
  • affectionate and loyal
  • easily trainable
  • appealing in appearance
  • confident and well socialised
  • with a minimal to non shedding soft coat

All our endeavours are directed at achieving these qualities in our puppies

IMG_4428    IMG_4514