Hope you are doing well, Bozo is growing at a wonderful rate and is getting even cuter (as if that was possible) every day! He just finished Puppy playgroup training last week and is a very well behaved little boy. I have attached two pics, one of him from this morning, and the second with my other dog Muppet, who just adores him. They snuggle together and play, Molly is very gentle with him (and very very patient with him) Bozo is full of energy and plays hard, then sleeps hard, then plays…and it goes on. He has a delightful personality and is very loving. He is a wonderful little man to have in our family.

Thank you so much again!

- December, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that Loui is an absolute delight & has settled into the family very well!! Thanking you.

- April, 2012

We adopted Morris from you in September. Just thought I’d send you a few pictures of Morris. He’ll be six months old on Monday. He’s been de-sexed and had his first groom and Christmas.He’s an absolutely adorable little boy and we love him to death. He starts back at puppy school early next month.

- November, 2011

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that the puppy has settled in beautifully and has been so good. The kids have decided to call him Milo, they have absolutely adored him and it was very hard for them to leave him on Saturday morning but I am sure they will be very excited when they get home this afternoon. Mathew my 3 year old has really taken him in and spent all day Friday sitting outside and chatting to him! He was not eating a huge amount for the first day and a bit so I cooked up some chicken and rice as suggested and he loved it. There has been no real whimpering at all and just seems to be a very settled pup which I am sure it hugely attributed to you as a very highly regarded breeder.

Thanks again

- October, 2011

I hope you’re having a lovely 2011 so far – thought I’d send you some pictures of Lulu (and her best pal Laurie). She’s settled right in – Laurie puts up with her beating up on him all the time and she’s an absolutely delightful dog! She’s particularly great with all the little children who are around her – she’s obviously been very well raised in that first eight weeks.

- April, 2011