Our Breeding Principles

We have two healthy males available for STUD PURPOSES to  selected bitches in Victoria or Southern NSW



Our aim is to breed sound healthy puppies without any behavioral issues or any hereditary physical problems.

So we start with pedigreed parents who are sound, healthy, well socialised, and ensure the fathers are all DNA tested and are clear of prcd and that we know the family background regarding size, colour and breeding issues.

We admire and appreciate our parent dogs and ensure they have ample exercise, playtime, social contact and that they live in comfort, are well fed and are allowed to do what dogs love to do – run, chase, jump, swim, tease, fossick, retrieve, explore, and snooze

Mothers are mated only if in excellent health and when they are fully mature and have the wisdom, patience and dedication to raise the puppies well.

Our Breeding Principles