Adopting a Puppy

COCKER SPANIEL   FEMALE  available to a Guardian Care Home

I have a delightful golden cocker approximately 2 years of age who would love to live with her own Care Family and be the family dog in every sense except at breeding time

she is used to children and to other  dogs, has some training, very active  sound and healthy

she would need secure fencing and has no traffic sense but she is very manageable and willing to learn


We are looking for families or individuals who would like to raise a  female puppy as their own pet but instead of  purchasing would be interested in taking one of  our young breeding females

This means that a female puppy would live with a family and be their  dog  in every sense but as an adult would be available  to us for mating  and puppy litter , the family would be without her for about 9 weeks once a year.

Please enquire further if this arrangement would appeal to your family.

Applications will be taken from caring, responsible persons who can offer a loving home in a secure well fenced environment.

A Care Home would need to be within 3 hrs north of Melbourne or thereabouts ideally within the Echuca – Deniliquin area



Puppies are born in an air-conditioned secluded area within the home and carefully monitored throughout the birthing process.

Within a few days they are being subjected to normal family comings and goings, people, radio, music etc.

At around 14 days, just when their eyes are opening, they are given the first of their fortnighty worming treatments.

Mothers generally, with unparalleled devotion, keenly protect their puppies and meet their all requirements for warmth, hygiene and feeding until they are over 4 weeks of age when weaning can begin.

The puppies are thoroughly vet checked and vaccinated at around 6 weeks , although they are usually almost fully weaned by this time the mother still has much to teach them and they spend the 2 weeks playing and romping and learning to interact with each other and with children and adults.

They are ready to go to their new homes at around 8 weeks.

Puppies leave for their permanent home with all they need for a good start –

  • Puppy care notes and feeding details
  • Vaccination, worming and flea prevention records
  • Microchip details
  • Freshly bathed

We offer ongoing support to all our puppy owners and welcome updates, photos and feedback about the puppyʼs progress.

We would request that we are immediately contacted if any problems arise of any nature and would endeavour to resolve any issues satisfactorily for all concerned.


Puppy Selection

The choice of a puppy is usually very personal and to assist with this puppies and their mother make a trip to Melbourne at about 5 weeks of age; the travel experience is part of their exposure to normal life and this excursion
provides interested families, living in the city, with a convenient opportunity to see and play with the puppies,and to meet the mother and perhaps reserve a puppy.

Some families will be unable to do this and for these the entire process can be done with the aid of the internet and personal telephone discussions.